Development of micro-electronic systems to track the movements of wildlife.

In association with Beigel Technology Corporation and the U. S. Air Force (Edwards Air Force Base), CSRC is helping to develop a new, revolutionary way to track small wildlife, particularly juvenile desert tortoises, using state-of-the-art asset-tracking technology.

The purpose of the project is to increase the “visibility” of juvenile desert tortoises at a distance by using “tags” that transmit their location and identity to readers using RFID, harmonic radar, or other radar technologies. We are striving to accomplish this by using two or more emerging technologies. Data generated will be combined with a dynamic, GIS-based database to effectively track the movements of individually-marked tortoises and other wildlife throughout the environment. The system will greatly aid the Air Force’s ability to manage its operations at Edwards Air Force Base and will aid other military bases experiencing logistical conflicts with threatened and endangered wildlife. Once developed, the devices and systems should greatly enhance the field of wildlife biology and have broader applications in areas related to asset visibility, tracking, location, and identification.