Conservation Science Research & Consulting provides scientific technical support and conducts research on the ecology and management of threatened and endangered wildlife. The firmís sole proprietor and principal investigator, William I. Boarman, Ph.D., has conducted field research for over 25 years. With expertise in conservation biology, behavioral ecology, and population biology, Dr. Boarman has lead research projects on birds, reptiles, and on entire landscapes, mostly in the deserts of California. He has studied road impacts on desert tortoises, ecology of common raven predation on tortoises, influences of a large saline lake on the surrounding ecosystem, among other things. He has also performed critical, retrospective analyses of the state-of-knowledge of threats to desert tortoises and effectiveness of desert tortoise recovery actions. While remaining objective and scientifically rigorous, CSRC strives to conduct research and scientific evaluations that are responsive to the direct needs of resource managers.

CSRC and our associates provide the following services:

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